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What Is A Fiber Laser Marking Machine And What Is It Used For?
Apr 10, 2020


The laser marking machine has been very mature after decades of development. At present, the mainstream marking machines on the market are divided into fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine and ultraviolet laser marking machine. Dragon Diamond Company owns these three categories of products.

CO2 laser marking machine has a wide range of applications and is suitable for non-metal industries such as food, medicine, leather, wood products, electronics and so on. The effect of marking is more delicate and beautiful than the effect of screen printing and inkjet.

Although the range of materials that the fiber laser marking machine can act is not as wide as that of the CO2 laser marking machine, its electro-optic conversion rate is higher, the efficiency is higher, and the marking effect is excellent. The most important thing is to mark metal materials, or a series of precision products such as integrated circuit chips and computer accessories (production date, QR code, traceability code), fiber laser marking machine is the best choice ! In addition, the fiber laser marking machine is also widely used in laser texturing (achieving different roughness levels on the surface of the material).

The application of UV laser marking machine is the same as that of fiber laser marking machine, but the printed text and patterns will be more fine and clear. It is mainly used for the main products that companies have higher requirements on text and patterns, especially When some fiber laser marking machines cannot mark the desired effect, the strength of the ultraviolet laser marking machine is reflected, because the ultraviolet laser marking machine belongs to the cold light category, and many products are not marked by the fiber laser marking machine. When satisfactory results are obtained, the UV laser marking machine can generally mark them. Commonly used UV lasers on the market are 3W, 5W, 10W, 15W.

There are many types of laser marking machines. At present, there are many 3D laser marking machines for curved surface marking, large-scale immovable handheld laser marking machines, etc. These two types are based on the type of work. According to the working material of the laser, it is divided into optical fiber, CO2 and ultraviolet laser marking machine.

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