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CNC Wood Engraving Machine
How To Maintain The Engraving Machine Correctly?
Jun 04, 2020
Many customers only consider how to operate the machine after purchasing the engraving machine, but often overlook how to maintain the machine? In fact, the engraving machine is just like our car. It can not only work and not maintain, which will reduce the life of the machine. So how should the engraving machine be maintained? The following talks about the CNC of Gongda University:
1. Before starting work every day, be sure to clean the machine, and clean the dust and mud on the machine, so that not only protect the machine, but also feel good when we work.

2. Pay attention to the oil circuit of the machine. Each of our machines has an oil injection system installed for customers. The function of this oil injection system is to lubricate the track of our machine. The machine should be lubricated with oil for five minutes before work every day to ensure that every guide rail on the machine can be lubricated.

3. If the customer is doing stone carving, then also pay attention to the maintenance of the main shaft, and the water circulation system should often change the clean water to ensure that the main shaft will not be blocked by some stone impurities.

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