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CNC Wood Engraving Machine
  • To Mexico Customize the Machines to serve you to every detail
    Nov 11, 2021

    To Mexico Customize the Machines to serve you to every detail

    To Mexico Customize the Machines to serve you to every detail On November 7, 2021, we shipped 1*20'GP container to Mexico. There are 7 machines in total, including CNC router, laser engraving machine and laser marking machine, of which 2 sets CNC Router and 1 set Laser engraving machine are customized products. The customized machine can not only customize the size of the product according to the actual needs of the customer to save the transportation and use space for the customer, but also customize the special appearance for the customer, and customize the unified style for the customer's product sales.
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  • To Uzbekistan CO2 laser engraving machines with CCD camera
    Sep 07, 2021

    To Uzbekistan CO2 laser engraving machines with CCD camera

    To Uzbekistan CO2 laser engraving machines with CCD camera On September 7, 2021, we shipped 13 laser cutting machines to Uzbekistan. It includes 5 laser cutting machine with CCD cameras. Laser cutting machine with CCD is widely used in clothing toy industries (children's name, badge, embroidery weaving trademark, toy class, etc.), advertising industries, crafts industries, shoes industry, etc. CCD visual patrol edge / camera positioning laser cutting function is used to realize arbitrary typesetting identification and cutting of different parts and dimensions in the same plane.Accurate and fast cutting, without template, save time and effort, simple, fast and pollution-free. Learn more about laser machine with CCD: https://www.gzcnc-laser.com/1610-ccd-camera-co2-laser-cutting-engraving-machine-crafts-products_p32.html
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  • To Italy CNC Vibrating ​Router LZ-2030V & CO2 Laser Engraving Machines LZ-1390L
    May 21, 2021

    To Italy CNC Vibrating ​Router LZ-2030V & CO2 Laser Engraving Machines LZ-1390L

    To Italy CNC Vibrating Router LZ-2030V & CO2 Laser Engraving Machines LZ-1390L On May 21, 2021, we transported two containers to the Italian agency, including 1 CNC vibrating router, 7 CO2 laser engraving machines, and 1 mixed laser cutting machine. The CNC vibrating router can quickly locate and identify advertising/packaging materials, and automatically find and cut edges, which greatly reduces the workload of the operator. It is suitable for cutting production of KT board, Chevron board, self-adhesive, corrugated honeycomb board and other materials. For video and detailed parameters, please click: https://www.gzcnc-laser.com/cnc-fabric-sponge-cutting-machine-with-vibrating-knife_p26.html During the four years of cooperation, we have delivered four containers of goods to our partners each year (about 25 machines, CNC router and laser engraving machine about 50% each). High-quality machine quality is the cornerstone of our cooperation. Welcome more friends to become our partners.
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  • To Uzbekistan LZ-1610L & LZ-1616L CO2 laser engraving machines
    Dec 08, 2020

    To Uzbekistan LZ-1610L & LZ-1616L CO2 laser engraving machines

    To Uzbekistan LZ-1610L & LZ-1616L CO2 laser engraving machines On December 8, 2020 we shipped 6 sets laser engraving machines (1 40-foot container) to our Uzbekistan agent, including 4 single-head laser engraving machines and 2 double-head laser engraving machines. Dual Laser head are freely assigned and intelligently follow your direction. When is full layout, each laser head will be programmed to find its own area intelligently. When it is odd number layout, one of cutting head will stop working by intelligent coordination. Learn more about double-head machine: https://www.gzcnc-laser.com/co2-laser-engraving-machine-for-acrylic-paper-cardboard-fabric_p44.html In the past three years, we have supplied more than 30 machines to our Uzbekistan agent. Excellent machine quality and perfect service are the guarantee of our long-term cooperation, which not only brings market reputation to our company, but also brings profits to our agents. We believe that more and more customers will choose our machines.
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  • What is a handheld fiber laser welding machine? What are the advantages and application areas?
    Jun 08, 2021

    What is a handheld fiber laser welding machine? What are the advantages and application areas?

    What is a handheld fiber laser welding machine? The handheld fiber laser welding machine is a new generation of laser welding equipment, which belongs to non-contact welding. The operation process does not require pressure. Its working principle is to directly irradiate a high-energy intensity laser beam on the surface of the material through the interaction of the laser and the material. , The material is melted inside, and then cooled and crystallized to form a weld. The hand-held fiber laser welding machine fills the gap of hand-held welding in the laser equipment industry, subverts the working mode of the traditional laser welding machine, and replaces the previous fixed optical path with a hand-held type. It is flexible and convenient, and the welding distance is long. It also makes laser welding work outdoors. Become possible. Hand-held welding is mainly aimed at laser welding of long-distance and large workpieces. It overcomes the limitation of the worktable's stroke space. The heat-affected area during welding is small, and it will not cause work deformation, blackening, and traces on the back. The welding depth is large. It is firm and fully melted. It can not only realize thermal conduction welding, but also continuous deep penetration welding, spot welding, butt welding, stitch welding, sealing welding, seam welding, etc. This process overturns the working mode of the traditional laser welding machine. It has the advantages of simple operation, beautiful welding seam, fast welding speed, and no consumables. It can be perfect for welding thin stainless steel plates, iron plates, galvanized plates and other metal materials. It replaces traditional argon arc welding, stainless steel plate, iron plate, aluminum plate and other metal materials welding. Advantages of handheld laser welding machine 1. Wide welding range: The handheld welding head is equipped with 5m-10M original optical fiber, which overcomes the limitations of the workbench space, and can be welded outdoors and long-distance welding; 2. Convenient and flexible to use: Hand-held laser welding is equipped with movable pulleys, which is comfortable to hold, and can adjust the station at any time. It is free and flexible, and is suitable for various working environment scenarios. 3. A variety of welding methods: welding at any angle can be realized: overlap welding, butt welding, vertical welding, flat fillet welding, internal fillet welding, external fillet welding, etc., and can be used for various complex welded workpieces and large workpieces with irregular shapes welding. Realize welding at any angle. In addition, it can also complete cutting, welding and cutting can be switched freely, just change the welding copper nozzle to the cutting copper nozzle, which is very convenient. 4. Good welding effect: Hand-held laser welding is thermal fusion welding. Compared with traditional welding, laser welding has a higher energy density and can achieve better welding results. The we...
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  • What Is A Fiber Laser Marking Machine And What Is It Used For?
    Apr 10, 2020

    What Is A Fiber Laser Marking Machine And What Is It Used For?

    The laser marking machine has been very mature after decades of development. At present, the mainstream marking machines on the market are divided into fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine and ultraviolet laser marking machine. Dragon Diamond Company owns these three categories of products. CO2 laser marking machine has a wide range of applications and is suitable for non-metal industries such as food, medicine, leather, wood products, electronics and so on. The effect of marking is more delicate and beautiful than the effect of screen printing and inkjet. Although the range of materials that the fiber laser marking machine can act is not as wide as that of the CO2 laser marking machine, its electro-optic conversion rate is higher, the efficiency is higher, and the marking effect is excellent. The most important thing is to mark metal materials, or a series of precision products such as integrated circuit chips and computer accessories (production date, QR code, traceability code), fiber laser marking machine is the best choice ! In addition, the fiber laser marking machine is also widely used in laser texturing (achieving different roughness levels on the surface of the material). The application of UV laser marking machine is the same as that of fiber laser marking machine, but the printed text and patterns will be more fine and clear. It is mainly used for the main products that companies have higher requirements on text and patterns, especially When some fiber laser marking machines cannot mark the desired effect, the strength of the ultraviolet laser marking machine is reflected, because the ultraviolet laser marking machine belongs to the cold light category, and many products are not marked by the fiber laser marking machine. When satisfactory results are obtained, the UV laser marking machine can generally mark them. Commonly used UV lasers on the market are 3W, 5W, 10W, 15W. There are many types of laser marking machines. At present, there are many 3D laser marking machines for curved surface marking, large-scale immovable handheld laser marking machines, etc. These two types are based on the type of work. According to the working material of the laser, it is divided into optical fiber, CO2 and ultraviolet laser marking machine.
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  • How To Maintain The Engraving Machine Correctly?
    Jun 04, 2020

    How To Maintain The Engraving Machine Correctly?

    Many customers only consider how to operate the machine after purchasing the engraving machine, but often overlook how to maintain the machine? In fact, the engraving machine is just like our car. It can not only work and not maintain, which will reduce the life of the machine. So how should the engraving machine be maintained? The following talks about the CNC of Gongda University: 1. Before starting work every day, be sure to clean the machine, and clean the dust and mud on the machine, so that not only protect the machine, but also feel good when we work. 2. Pay attention to the oil circuit of the machine. Each of our machines has an oil injection system installed for customers. The function of this oil injection system is to lubricate the track of our machine. The machine should be lubricated with oil for five minutes before work every day to ensure that every guide rail on the machine can be lubricated. 3. If the customer is doing stone carving, then also pay attention to the maintenance of the main shaft, and the water circulation system should often change the clean water to ensure that the main shaft will not be blocked by some stone impurities. Our company specializes in the production of woodworking engraving machines, stone engraving machines, foam engraving machines, laser cutting machines, optical fiber marking machines, etc., and can also customize machines according to customer requirements. Sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit the company to inspect and order equipment.
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  • What if I have never used CNC machine before?
    Mar 01, 2020

    What if I have never used CNC machine before?

    Many of our customers are first-time users of CNC. In fact, many users without CNC experience operate on the same day that the machine arrives. To a large extent, because of our full support for lifelong technical support, you can rest assured that someone will always contact you when you need help. In addition, every time a customer buys a new dragon diamond CNC router, we will provide some videos about the usage of the machine. You don't need to pay for training to get hands-on experience. We also include step-by-step manuals for machines and software with built-in tutorials. Polular science: Types of global CNC Router Market: Industrial CNC router, others. Global CNC carving machine market by application: woodworking industry, stone processing industry, metal, advertising field, etc.
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