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CNC Wood Engraving Machine
What is 1325 Wood CNC Cutting Machine?
Apr 28, 2020
1325 cnc router machine for wood mdf acrylic
The table size of this 4x8 cnc router 1325 is also called 3-axis CNC wood milling machine. The popular working size is 1325 (1300 x 2500 cm), suitable for the wooden industry, furniture industry, technical research, advertising design, art creation and hobbies.
1. The 4x8 cnc milling machine has a large working area and is designed for large-scale engraving work, such as wooden industry, architectural model making, PCB, advertising signs, artworks, crafts, aircraft models, MDF, etc.
2. The use of adjusting screw design can help adjust the height at the same level to maintain the processing accuracy.
3.The gantry is welded with 8mm thickened square tube.
Accuracy is within 0.02mm.
More than 90% higher than the manufacturing level of peers.
4.Gantry thickness 8mm.
Using heavy-duty columns.
Ensure that the machine body is stable during high speed and heavy cutting without jitter.
Widely used in wood carving, wood carving, bamboo carving, bamboo carving, marble carving, marble cutting, two-color acrylic carving, two-color acrylic cutting, plastic carving, plastic cutting and copper, copper, aluminum and other metal carving, aluminum carving. It can also be used for lettering, embossed and embossed characters, etc.
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