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CNC Wood Engraving Machine
  • CNC Engraving Machine
    CNC Engraving Machine
    Guangzhou Dragon Diamond Technology CO. ,LTD is a company with a rich history of 10 years in this industry. Our main products are cnc router, cnc engraving cutting machine, cnc laser engraving cutting machine,cnc plasma cutting machine,laser making machine and other related parts and product which are widely applied in arts and crafts,advertising, decoration, furniture, plexiglass, packaging, printing, electronics, tooling, metal cutting, marking and many other industries. Our company pursues efficiency by management, survival by quality, and development by reputation, and actively improves the quality and values of products, adhering to the customer oriented and win-win business philosophy.
  • Fiber Laser Marking Machine
    Fiber Laser Marking Machine
    Fiber laser marking machine is a kind of CNC laser marking system, which uses a spotlight to form permanent marks on the surfaces of various metal and non-metal materials. It will permanently etch the label on the product to protect it from heat, wear and acid.  Widely used in electronic products, sanitary ware, tool parts, knives, watches, glasses, jewelry, auto parts, trunk buttons, kitchenware, stainless steel products and other industries.
  • Laser Cutting Machine
    Laser Cutting Machine
    Laser cutting is a kind of technology widely used in precision cutting. Laser cutting is carried out by aiming the output of high-power laser at the material to be cut through computer. It can cut wood (cork, plywood), acrylic, MDF, bamboo, leather, fabric and other non-metallic materials.
  • Wood Engraving Machine
    Wood Engraving Machine
    CNC stands for computer numerical control. CAD / CAM program can be used to design project parts in computer. CNC carries out 3D motion control in Cartesian coordinate system (x, y, z). All you have to do is load the attached software into the computer, connect the CNC machine tool through the USB cable, follow all the instructions, and then start the woodcarving project. CNC processing solutions make you more competitive. CNC machine is designed for efficient and accurate processing of solid wood, panels, doors and windows.
  • AD Word Cutting Machine
    AD Word Cutting Machine
    With the rapid development of advertising industry, CNC advertising carving machine is more and more popular. Customers can choose the most suitable advertising CNC engraving machine, we can also customize it for you. This CNC advertising wood carving machine can not only do low-power carving, but also do high-power carving. For example: the production of crystal characters, various advertising signs, irregular blanking plate forming, artificial stone processing, etc. Because of its high power, the high-power advertising engraving machine can cut 30 mm thick plexiglass at a time. Scope of application: making badges, shapes, steel carvings, furniture carvings, gifts, souvenirs, handicrafts, signs, advertising words and advertising carvings. In the process of changing materials and processing methods, the working parameters of tools are different, which should be adjusted properly.
  • Plasma cutting metal
    Plasma cutting metal
    Plasma cutting is a process of cutting conductive materials by accelerating hot plasma flow. When cutting steel, stainless steel and other materials with plasma torch. Plasma cutting works by blowing inert gas at high speed. The plasma is formed by the arc generated by the gas and its surroundings. When the plasma cutting machine is running, the ionized gas will produce an electric channel, which is very hot and will enter the fourth state of the material - plasma. Then, the arc travels through the plasma at a high speed, so that the plasma is hot enough to melt the metal, and the arc moves so fast that the molten metal is blown away. Because compressed gas blows through the focused nozzle at a very high speed, this plasma cutting method can be carried out. Because plasma cutting machine is very hot and localized, it is very suitable for cutting plates and plates into custom profiles quickly and accurately. Combined with low cost, it is widely favored by industrial people and small amateurs

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